Photos: Immigration Test, Job Seekers Die In Stampede, Authorities To be Blamed


Nigerian Immigration Service conducted a test  Across the Nigeria for  just 3,000 vacant positions and the alarming rate of unemployment force Hundred of thousands number of Nigerian Youths to various test locations, Above is a snapshot of the crowd at the respective venues of the Immigration Service Test carried out in stadiums across the country. This was the venue of an aptitude test for the 2013/2014 applicants who had applied to join the Nigerian Immigration Service. Eye witness account said that over 56,000 graduates had gathered at the National Stadium as early as 7am on Saturday morning to take part in the recruitment exercise conducted by the Nigeria Immigration Service when the incident occurred. The circumstances leading to the stampede, “I was here before 7, and we were begging them to open the gate because the crowd was getting too much but they refused to open the gate. So people who were at the back were pushing us because the crowd was too much and people had to march on others and that pushed the gate down.”A witness said, “This is complete leadership failure, and the sooner the people in Government wake up and assist people who are unemployed the better. SEE MORE PICTUREs AFTER CUT>>>>

The Nigeria Immigration Service recruitment examinations took off in various centres around the country but due to the State of Emergency declared in 3 states of the country, applicants from Borno State were required to take their exams in Gombe, Yobe applicants in Bauchi, while candidates from Adamawa were to write theirs in Taraba State. The Abuja stadium which is to sit not more than 60,000 people had well over 80,000 youths and only one entrance to the stadium was opened for the applicants. It’s being reported that at least six people died during a stampede at some of the venues of the poorly coordinated test. The dead are mostly from the Abuja venue. I hear a pregnant woman was among the deceased. It’s important to note that all applicants paid N1,000 registration fee and there were over 2 million applicants. You can imagine the profit made, that’s in billions. We need the Minister of Interior and Comptroller General of Immigration to address what has happened. Viewer Discretion Advised. 

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