Photos: “Kiamburing TT legend” Amir Mohamed Dies in a fatal Accident During Racing Practise.


11054329_10153334255890579_4178993625133932752_nAmir Mohamed has died in a fatal crash during practice in the Kiambu motoring circuit. It’s ironical for one to be caused harm doing what they are good at, but it is devastating for fans and the family to the legend Amir, for him having to die like this. Jay Soni who was practicing with him was critically injured and has been admitted to the Aga Khan hospital ICU.Eye witness says an AMG Mercedes Benz and a Nissan GTR R34 crashed head on while trying to evade a stalled truck on the road. The car went up in flames with locals trying to put out the fire.  Kiamburing TT legend Amir is the owner of Auto Art. “ Only two people injured-one which was fatal and the other one was Soni, whose injuries are yet to be made public,” Abdul Sidi said at Aga Khan hospital where he had gone to donate blood.

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