Photos: Kim Kardashian’s School Friend shares Never Seen ‘Youthful’ Pictures of Her.


Kim Kardashian’s school friend & top US fashion designer, Nikki  Lund has shared childhood pictures of them and opened up on Kim’s personality .. Nikki recalled:  “Kim was a daddy’s girl, she adored her father and when she died she was devastated. “Rob was the one who would make sure she was working hard and that she was behaving herself. I don’t think this whole thing would be happening to her right now if he was still alive.She never wanted to be famous, it just kind of happened. She was always the quiet girl sitting in the corner while we were all being loud.“Rob was a very successful man, he had a great sense of humour – so has Kim and I think that’s where she gets it from. We all loved Rob. “He guided Kim, he mentored her, he ushered her into womanhood.”“She worked hard at school, she didn’t get straight A’s but the teachers liked her. She’d never bunk off school.


“Kim was pretty quiet. She was obsessed with Jennifer Lopez, she would sing If You Had My Love all of the time. She thought she was beautiful.“She also fancied P Diddy and Jamie Foxx – Kim always liked African-American men.”

“Kim was always on some sort of diet, we all were. She did the no-carbs thing and would ask for a burger with no bun. “She was conscious of what she looked like, she didn’t have her bum then but the boys liked her. Kim got a lot of attention back then.” Above all, though, Nikki says Kim is the best friend you can have and that you could “trust her with your life”.


Culled from Uk Mirror
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