Photos & List Of The World’s 10 Most Adulterous Countries

The World’s 10 Most Adulterous Nationalities

Top Ten Commandments list, over 80% of American consider adultery more objectionable than human cloning, suicide, and polygamy. That’s why they call it cheating. But there are countries where infidelity is somewhat morally acceptable, or at least a pleasurable vice. In France the President was caught with a hot young cutie and nobody said much about it – but what do you expect from a country where the new “Fifty Shades of Grey” movie is classified suitable for children 12 and up?

In the last decade the big players in the hookup business, Durex Condoms, and online dating sites for married people have conducted exhaustive surveys to work out where in the world people are cheating most. Here, TheRichest has crunched the data to find out which ten countries are most often cited as enjoying illicit sexy affairs.


There are some outliers in the data, however. For example, in a 2005 poll by Durex, Turkey was ranked as the infidelity capital of the world. The credibility of that number is thought to be dubious, as Muslim countries are invariably among the least adulterous in the world; that particular result has therefore been eliminated from the following findings as anomalous. In fact, Paris has been voted the Infidelity Capital of the World, although the numbers suggest the real capital might be much further east…

10. Finland: 36%


Technically Finns don’t cheat. They have “parallel relationships.” It might be worth trying that one on your spouse if you get caught.  Interestingly, the rate among middle aged and younger cheater declined sharply through 2010. One blogger in Finland says that sex in the nation “… is viewed as a very positive experience, so when a person is presented with the possibility of a sexual experience, it’s in some ways socially sanctioned to pursue it.”

A survey by found one in five married men had had affairs with at least ten women – seven times the rate among women.

9. United Kingdom 36%


Here the survey found definite evidence of “Anglo-Saxon puritanism” in the UK views of morality and sexuality. Not only are they at the lower end of the European infidelity rate (or is that the higher end of the monogamy rate?), they lead the league in guilt. About half of British respondents who admitted cheating say they regretted it, about twice the rate of the French. The ranking suggests only commoners were surveyed. Including the Royal family’s exploits would have made the country Top Five easy.

8. Spain: 39%


After directing Vicky Cristina Barcelona, Woody Allen said Penelope Cruz was so hot, his pants caught on fire. You would think the Spanish machismo and sultry women would top the Hot Chart, but surveyors concluded that religion and convention can inhibit extramarital activity.  Spain is, traditionally, strongly Catholic and so cheating would inevitably be frowned upon socially. Despite the taboo, Spain has a surprisingly high divorce:marriage ratio of over 60, so perhaps the Spaniards are choosing to end one relationship before embarking on a new one?

7. Belgium 40%


Who knew? Belgium is more widely known for having the best French fries on earth than for being a hotbed of hanky panky. But consider this: The online relationship site Gleeden is the Ashley Madison of Belgium for married men and women looking to hookups. It has 1.1 million members. That’s 10% of the entire population looking for illicit sex. One Gleeden advisor said “Having a lover or a mistress becomes almost the norm and is no longer a secret that is whispered. The lover, the mistress, is the ultimate antidepressant.” How ironic that more traditional antidepressants can cause sexual dysfunction whereas Gleeden’s prescription will have the opposite effect. 

6. Norway: 41%


Victoria Milan found that new registrations on their cheating site increased by 78% during a heat wave. When you live in the Land of the Midnight Sun, it seems there’s a short mating season. Those long, cold, bleak winters may discourage stepping out. A blogger called ‘A Canadian in Norway’ observed the comparatively low rate of cheating in Norway may be because “Norway is small and everyone knows your business so infidelity is less common. Just as well, you’re apt to find the neighbour you’re having an affair with is a blood relation.”

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