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Photos: Meet these 7 year old Conjoined Twins That walk to school using their shared pair of legs.

A pair of conjoined twins walk to school using their shared pair of legs. Pin and Pan were born joined at the waist , giving them just two legs but separate torsos with a pair of hands each.

To complicate matters further, Pin controls one leg and Pan controls the other – which leads to arguments.
However, the seven-year-old girls have overcome some seemingly impossible hurdles to live a life of relative normality.

Working together, the twins have developed a crab-style walk using their two feet and four hands, which even allows them to climb stairs.They can eat their lunch independently and enjoy many of the usual things most seven-year-olds do.But,going to the toilet can cause them great pain..

The video was filmed by charity Bright Volunteers, which is now working with the twins, from Thailand, to help improve their lives even further.

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