Photos: Meet Nigeria’s Vice president’s wife “Mrs Dolapo Osinbajo Born into Royalty, Married to Royalty”


12932619_10207818208925615_6029791494943698675_nMeet Mrs Osinbajo. She was Born into royalty, married to royalty, Nigeria’s Vice president’s wife.
Humble to a fault and one not known to play to the gallery.
I had admired her from a distance but got a first hand encounter with her when we had to share a stage at an event where I was master of ceremony in Abuja.
She arrived well on time.
Her dressing was simple, but it could not hide the elegance and beauty from within.
I noticed she bowed or stooped slightly to greet.
She sat quietly as the event took off.
When I introduced her and called for her to give her speech, she climbed up the stage, bowed her head to me, gave a smile and faced her microphone.
She repeated the same head – bowing ritual when she finished her remarks. I was simply blown away! So I copied that and added to the many good things I have picked from fellow women.
I just love her.
She’s respectful and exhibits traits of a well brought – up lady who has not allowed wealth or affluence change her or her upbringing.
I’ m sending a million kisses your way, ma’am. 
You are quality made from refined ingredients.
The word Beauty does a lot of disservice to you…. Your middle name is Grace!
God bless you!12670700_10207818209125620_3838837692286316473_n 12472362_10207818209285624_6769453199414479994_n 12439434_10207818209645633_5873065004000823819_n 12931217_10207818210005642_796093574404490092_n 12919666_10207818210205647_6651210150091395952_n


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  1. Sycophancy. Dolapo Osinbajo was not born into any royalty. She merely had an Awolowo grandparent and the Awolowos do not have a drop of royal blood. Neither do the Osinbajo’s. Nice try. SMH.

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