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Photos: Meet the renowned lion whisperer and his pride of big cats


Lion whisperer Kevin Richardson has developed an intimate bond with his cats. The images of him getting up so closely with the big cats are as heartwarming as it is fearsome.

Richardson teamed up with wildlife photographer Adrian Steirn to shoot the perfect billboard pictures in December 2015, in which he walked freely with the animals, or even wrestled comfortably with them.

These pictures aimed to depict the plight of Africa’s lions and their future and deliver the public the message, “What legacy will we leave for our future generations?”

Richardson has founded a wildlife sanctuary that is home to more than 30 of the endangered beasts in a bid to save the species. 12828365_1148424668531685_2588090077454636553_o 12828353_1148424725198346_6144975294578956310_o 12828950_1148424751865010_2896923083324882771_o 12778675_1148424775198341_4368494302798699298_o 12768113_1148424878531664_1030233444043516178_o

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