Photos: Meet the World’s Most Attractive/best-looking Couple.


UntitledThis vain couple claim to be the best-looking couple in the world – and spend nearly £50,000 a year on maintaining their eye-popping beauty. Buck and Michelle Miller splash the cash on gym memberships, hair salons, tanning, manicures, and pedicures.So obsessed are they with their jaw-dropping physical perfection that their home in Las Vegas is covered with pictures of themselves and – perhaps unsurprisingly – mirrors.

Demonstrating a shaky understanding of the word “fact”, Buck, 27, said:”We are America’s best-looking couple.That’s a fact, hands down.”The amateur bodybuilder, who hits the gym three times a day, admits he cannot walk past a mirror without gazing at himself.

The pair, who even employ something called a ‘posing coach’ for bodybuilding competitions, say people cannot help but stare at them wherever they go, such is their exquisiteness.

Michelle, 33, a nutritionist, turned to plastic surgery to enhance her already mind-blowing looks with a 34D bust, reports the Sun.


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