Photos: Nigerian Ministers Applaud GEJ as he marks 5th Year as Substantive President


Cabinet members yesterady applauded President Goodluck Jonathan as he marked his 5th year as a Substantive President at the Federal Executive Council on May 6th. President Jonathan disrupted the order of the meeting immediately after the first stanza of the National anthem by calling on the council members to pray for someone whose birthday it was today.

“Today, we will not say the national prayer. Somebody is celebrating birthday so we will offer special prayers for him. Two very Godly people will pray, Nebo and Yuguda. Do you know the person?” When they could not answer, he said: “On May 6, exactly five years today, I was sworn-in as substantive President.”

The surprised cabinet members immediately broke into a round of applause. More pictures below: Jonathan became President on May 6th 2010 following the death of former President Umaru Yar’Adua and his declaration as Acting President through the doctrine of necessity introduced by the National Assembly.

At the FEC meeting,

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