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First photos of Miracle baby born to woman declared brain dead for over four months

In what is being described as an extraordinary feat, Doctors in Sao Jose Hospital – Lisbon, Portugal delivered a baby boy named Lourenco Salvador, four months after his mother was declared brain dead.
The infant’s 37-year-old mother was declared brain dead on 20 February following a brain haemorrhage. She was suffering from Kidney cancer, a condition she had previously beaten a decade ago. This however didn’t stop the birth of the baby through caesarean section after 32 weeks and doctors confirmed he was healthy.
A statement from the hospital said the ethics committee had agreed the procedure with the baby’s father and the mother’s family. After the woman suffered a devastating brain haemorrhage, Doctors assumed the baby was also dead too and were about to switch off his mother’s life support, when they discovered a heartbeat.
Doctor and Nurses spent 107 days nurturing the unborn tot, singing soothing songs to him through his mum’s belly and even cuddling him. This was until his delivery. The Baby boy who is still in an incubator, will remain in the hospital for a few more weeks until he is at least 35 weeks old and has gained more weight.

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