Photos: Miss Patton Kim Kardashian’s Look Alike Admits that keeping up with Kim’s appearance costs over £1,300 per month


241D53F200000578-2987955-image-a-48_1425988349254Miss Patton was bullied at school for her looks and said that to be told she looked like Kim Kardashian helped with her confidence levels. ‘I was more insecure when I was growing up and I was bullied at school’, she said. ‘I had acne, I wasn’t in with any of the cool crowd.. So it’s flattering if a few years later you put on some make-up and people tell you that you look like Kim Kardashian when you go out.’2424D90B00000578-2987955-image-a-42_1425988316273


Nails – £50

Hair extensions -£460

Tattooed eyeliner – £450

Facials – £65

Fake tan – £20

Make-up – £50

Gym membership – £40

Fake eyelashes – £15

Clothes – £200

Hair, skin and nail supplements – £40

Total: £1390 

The PA admits that keeping up with Kim’s appearance is no mean feat, and with costs of over £1,300 per month, the look doesn’t come cheap. Despite having breast implants 14 years ago, Miss Patton has had no other cosmetic surgery and says she would not like her bottom to be any bigger. She credits her 27-inch waist and 40-inch buttocks to ‘a lot of Nandos together with squats and weights in the gym’, and added that: ‘It’s also important to me that Kim Kardashian is curvy, and is not a skinny role model.’

Two years ago Miss Patton joined celebrity lookalikes agencies in Leeds and London, whose clients include banks, magazine and television companies, and large retail stores. The role of the lookalikes is to ‘perform’ their character at private parties, conferences, gala dinners and theme nights, as well as mingle with the crowd and have their photograph taken. ‘My first booking was a private birthday party and I was really nervous’, said Miss Patton. ‘I wore a tight cream and black body-con Lipsy dress, because Kim likes those dresses, and did my hair and make-up as best I could.

‘Luckily, the host and all her friends love Kim Kardashian so in the end it was great, as I just smiled and had my picture taken with everyone.’  Kim Kardashian is a 34-year-old American socialite and TV personality who shot to fame after she starred with her family in the reality show Keeping Up with the Kardashians – commissioned shortly after a sex tape of her was leaked in 2007.

Kardashian is a somewhat controversial celebrity, not least because of her infamous bottom/waist ratio and rumours of cosmetic surgery to enhance her buttocks, which have expanded proportionally with her fame.

Nonetheless, she has successfully launched and marketed her own clothing lines, perfume ranges and spin-off shows and Kardashian’s mobile game, in which players can try to become a Hollywood star, was last year’s fifth highest earning game in Apple’s App Store. She has over 27m Twitter followers and 23m Instagram followers and is currently worth around £41m ($64m).

Miss Patton, right, says that Kim Kardashian, left, has done really well for herself and has her fingers in a lot of pies and is flattered that some people think she looks like her



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