Photos: The Beautiful Moment A Blonde kissed Prince Harry After asking him to Marry her


A beautiful blonde has made headlines after openly asking Prince Harry to marry her ,and flirting with him..According to Dailymail,Victoria McRae, 21, was dressed in a sequined Australian flag mini dress and tiara as she asked the fifth in line to the throne to marry her outside the Sydney Opera House on Thursday.But when he politely said he would have to get back to her, she asked for a kiss instead. ‘He let me kiss him on the cheek but then I went in for it. The rest was history,’ Ms McRae said. ‘It was amazing, it’s meant to be, there’s a lot of chemistry there I’d say.’I said I’d proposed twice before, that it was my third time lucky, and my sign said last chance so I said – have a think about it.’I kissed the premier (Mike Baird) too but I didn’t know who he was. They had to tell me that. Harrywas better to kiss and I got Harry’s lips, I only kissed the premier on the cheek.’
Prince Harry arrived at the Sydney Opera House to greet thousands of fans on Thursday morning as his month-long Australian military deployment comes to a close. Asked about the kiss with Ms McRae, Prince Harry cheekily replied: ‘I got more than one kiss’.

Images: Uk Dailymail

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