Photos: Moments from Christ Embassy last nights LFMA 2015 Concerts

 ce spectacular moments from last nights LFMA concert, including ‘the great unveiling.’ Performances at last night’s outdoor concert had the audience wondering how to possibly describe such an extravaganza to anyone that missed it. Indeed, there was no better place to be than at the LFMA 2015.  An amazing ministration by a young girl reciting Isaiah 60 was one of many performances that sent the audience into a series of emotional responses from laughter all the way to tears, with hands lifted high.

A view of the extravagant stage with the man of God, Pastor Chris.


Cross-section of audience in worship and praise.

Experience just a few of the musical, drama, dance and other ministrations in the video above. And, yes, find out what we mean by ‘the great unveiling’ as you see the most creative entrance of the man of God, Pastor Chris, yet.

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