Photos: Nigerian Flag Hits North Pole, Inspiring Runner “Tuedon Morgan” Sets Another Record


FullSizeRender-450x600Tuedon recently shared her most recent achievement :

Here is what she said:

I became the first Nigerian to step foot in the North Pole and I ran a marathon on the north like. I ran the  North Pole Marathon to support the National Black Marathoner Association. The North Pole Marathon is no easy feat. The North Pole is run on Arctic ice floes, with 6 to 12 feet separating you from 12,000 feet of Arctic Ocean.Remember, this marathon is not run on land – it is run ‘on’ water, frozen water, in the high Arctic.

I don’t think I have ever done anything so difficult. The last 4KM were the hardest. I was seeing things that weren’t there. It was -41C. I was cold. It was a hard race but I kept seeing the Nigerian flag and I knew I had to place it at the end of the race. 




I pushed for my country. I was in tears when I crossed the finished line. Another thing that really got me worried running the North Pole was my leg. I have a bad leg and it requires me wearing special running shoes. I had to use brand new shoes for the race. It had spikes underneath it. But funny enough my legs were good. I believe so much that God was with me. 11034171_793157047398163_6152723628750699044_n1-584x600


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