Photos: Outrage Over The unexplained death of a black man in Baltimore, Maryland Prompted Nationwide Protests



Photos: Outrage Over The unexplained death of a black man in Baltimore, Maryland Prompted Nationwide Protests  ‘Everyone says youth have no voice. This is showing them youth are willing to use their voice for justice,’ the senior at Frederick Douglass High School told the Baltimore Sun. Towson University student Koren Johnson, 19, one of the march’s organizers, added: ‘We do have opinions. We’re the ones getting murdered in the streets.’

Gray, 25, was arrested on April 12 for carrying a switchblade and within an hour was in hospital for serious spinal injuries. He died a week later, and the Department of Justice is currently investigating whether the cops who arrested Gray are responsible for causing his fatal injuries. 


After similar demonstrations turned to rioting and looting Monday night, Gov Larry Hogan instituted a mandatory 10pm to 5am curfew. About 2,000 National Guardsmen and 1,000 police officers will be enforcing the curfew.  For the second night in a row, the citizens of Baltimore complied with the curfew and the streets were cleared by the designated hour. At an afternoon press conference, Baltimore Police Commissioner Anthony Batts said there were no major incidents on Wednesday. Batts’ press conference came just minutes after it was announced that about half of the protesters arrested in the rioting on Monday would be released without being charged. However, Batts said these individuals could be hit with charges later.  282687ED00000578-3061627-image-a-56_1430355808990 282657B300000578-3061627-image-a-32_1430351135630 2826570E00000578-3061627-image-a-34_1430351211364 282651E100000578-3061627-image-a-41_1430351402388

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