Photos :Passengers Of Malaysian Plane That Was shot Down, Included 80 Children



Vladimir Putin has called for opposing sides in Ukraine to lay down their arms and enter talks as the world demanded answers following the shooting down of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 by a suspected Russian-made missile over the east of the country.

A total of 298 people were killed when the Boeing 777 was hit by what US intelligence officials said was a sophisticated surface-to-air missile fired by pro-Russian rebels.

Emergency workers at the crash site outside the village of Grabovo said two “black box” flight recorders had been recovered from the scene, local media reported, and 181 bodies located. Access to the site, however, remains difficult and dangerous with multiple checkpoints on the road from Donetsk and it is unclear where the black boxes are now, or if they are in government or rebel hands.298 people died yesterday July 17th when Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 was blasted out of the sky at 32,000 by a surface-to-air missile, allegedly by pro-Russian rebels. Among the dead were 80 children, including three Australian children, (pictured left), Mo Maslin, 12, (left), his brother Otis, eight, (centre) and sister Evie Maslin, 10, (right) who were traveling with their grandfather Nick Morris. According to Australian newspapers, the family had been on holiday and the children’s parents had remained in Amsterdam for a few extra days while Mr Norris took his grandchildren on MH17 to get them back to Australia in time for school. The plane was going from Kuala Lumpur to Australia.  More than 100 AIDS researchers who were heading to an international conference in Australia were also on board the plane. There were 173 passengers from the Netherlands, 27 from Australia, 44 from Malaysia, 12 from Indonesia, 9 from the UK, 4 from Belgium, 4 from Germany, 3 from Philippines, 1 from Canada and from New Zealand.  SEE MORE PHOTOS ON PAGE2

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