Photos: Rebel PDP Members Mergers With APC Today

In Abuja today, The rank and file of the All Progressive Congress (APC) has increased, as the Abubakar Baraje-led faction of the New Peoples Democratic Party, n(PDP) have joined the  APC, The chairman of the faction, Abubakar Baraje announced the merger to journalists at the end of a meeting at the Kano Governors Lodge in Abuja. The seven aggrieved governors of the People’s Democratic Party reached this decision in a meeting held last night at the Kano State governors’ lodge in Abuja. The meeting ended at about 12.30am. This marks the end of several meetings that have been held between the rebellious faction of the PDP and the APC. While being wooed by the APC, the New PDP leaders were also meeting with the president to resolve their differences, but were unable to resolve the conflicts of interest.

The G7 governors, 40+ Senators and 200+ House of Reps members who were part of the new PDP agreed and finally merged with the leading opposition party, APC, with immediate effect. Consequently, the APC now has 18 governors, while the PDP has 16. SEE MORE PICTURES AFTER CUT>>>>

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