Photos: Recently Engaged TV Presenter “Moet Abebe” Shows Off Her Engagement Ring



Recently engaged TV Presenter Moet Abebe, put her engagement ring on display in a photo shoot last night after rumours went out that she wasn’t truly engaged  Her caption says it all and refers to you if you are one of those who doubted her being given a ring by Le Boo….Recall that she announced her engagement weeks ago, by showing off the ring on instagram, but new reports sprung up yesterday saying otherwise. The reports said she is not exactly engaged as the engagement ring is for a movie role she is working on. 
“She was actually on a movie set where she had to wear the ring and then after the shoot, she took a picture and posted it on her instagram, claiming she was engaged. What we hear she plans to do is wear the ring for the next three month as she doesn’t know how to debunk the story since it has gone viral. f919df7295a211e3a0060ea01cc2c0a1_7But she eventually plans to come up with a story claiming her parents did not consent to her marriage with her mystery fiance,” the reports said. See more of her newly released photos below and also that of her fiance:
I dont understand when people make such insinuations that a lady would engage herself..who does that mean
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