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Photos: See Identical Twins Who Married Two Brothers and Gave Birth on Same Day

A rare occurrence which many have termed a miracle has happened in far-away Brazil as two identical twins delivered their babies the same day after taking in three months apart.

Bianca and Beatriz Trajano
It is truly Amazing! Identical twins who married two brothers have given birth on the same day within hours of each other.
According to the Mirror, Bianca and Beatriz Trajano, 18, met the brothers in the same month four years ago. It was however revealed that the Brazilian sisters’ babies were due three weeks apart, but something miraculuos happened that within hours of Bianca giving birth to Sophia at 1.34am on December 7, Beatriz went into labour too, having her son Victor Hugo on 11.08pm on the same day.
The babies born on the same day and within hours of each other by the twins
According to newspaper reports, Doctors at the Doutor Osiris Florindo Coelho Hospital em Ferraz de Vasconcelos, southeast Brazil, were reportedly at first confused after Beatriz was admitted, believing they had already delivered her baby hours earlier. Beatriz told Brazil’s Globo G1 website how she was taken to the hospital’s only available bed after having her baby – which happened to be next to her identical twin sister.
She said: “I had no idea that he would be born on the same day, my baby was due to come at the end of the month.
“It was a huge coincidence, especially because both of us had natural births.”
Beatriz said she discovered she was pregnant in May last year, when her sister was already four months pregnant, but an ultrasound scan showed that the sisters’ pregnancies were only weeks apart.
The proud grandmother, Sandra Trajano carrying the infants.
She said: “When we found out that there was the possibility of having our babies in the same month we were really happy.
“But we never imagined they would come on the same day. If we had tried to arrange it we wouldn’t have had so much luck.”
The sisters’ mother, Sandra Trajano, 42, said that her daughters are now even sharing the feeding of their newborns.
She said: “Beatriz is having [a] little difficulty breastfeeding, so Bianca is helping to breastfeed her nephew.”
“These children are acting as if they were identical twins,” Sandra continued.
“They sleep, feed and do everything at the same time.
“My daughters are experiencing everything that I went through 18 years ago.”


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