Photos: Meet Nosisi Ngqula 39-year-old South Africa woman ArrestedAt Muritala Mohammed International Airport With N711 Million In Nigeria


south african woman N711 million nigeriaMeet Nosisi Ngqula, a 39-year-old South Africa woman arrested by NDLEA for allegedly smuggling hard currencies totaling N711 million into Nigeria. The suspect was nabbed by the officials of National Drug Law Enforcement Agency during inward screening of passengers on a South African Airline plane that arrive Lagos from Johannesburg yesterday.

She was found in possession of $373,725 and 2120 British pounds concealed inside packs of oats, 2 Nigerians identified as Cyprian Chigere and Damian Akamelu were also arrested in connection to the money laundering. The suspect told NDLEA that she was sent to deliver the money to one of the Nigerians arrested.

“I live in Johannesburg. I was given a bag by a Nigerian to deliver to Damian Akamelu,”she said.

She is currently in NDLEA detention.

How did she manage to escape from South Africa with such huge amount of money???

Photos: NDLEA arrests South African lady with N74m concealed in oats packs


She was in possession of $373,725 (N74.4million) and €2,120 (N450,000), concealed inside packs of oats found in her luggage. According to a statement by the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency NDLEA Lagos Airport Command, the money was discovered during an inward screening of passengers on a South African airline flight enroute from Johannesburg. Two Nigerians, Damian Akamelu and Prophet Cyprian Chigere are being interrogated in connection with the seized money. The South African lady, Ms Nqgula (pictured) when interrogated said she was sent by a Nigerian to give the concealed money to one Akamelu “I live in Johannesburg. I was given a bag by a Nigerian to deliver to Damian Akamelu. During examination of my bags at the Lagos airport, the money was found inside packs of oats.” she said.

The NDLEA Commander at the airport, Mr. Hamza Umar, said the manner in which the money was concealed was questionable “The mode of concealment presents reasonable grounds for money laundering. Five packs of oats were found to contain $373,725 and €2,120. Two Nigerians are also being interrogated.”he said NDLEA Chairman/Chief Executive, Ahmadu Giade while commenting on the arrest said the agency will investigate the matter so as to know the source of the money “I have therefore directed that the case be investigated to ascertain the source of the money.” he said



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