Photos: Stylish Abuja Based Mother Of Six “Nimi Nwofor” Happily married woman with 4 male kids and two females”


2223206_9_png7afbb1602613ec52b265d7a54ad27330Nimi nwofor is a happily married Abuja based woman with 4 male kids and two females. She is so stylish and her body structure for a woman of six kids is out of this world.  From the source, they say she is very jovial, God fearing, cheerful and she has high taste for luxury lifestyle. 2223204_1_png4a47a0db6e60853dedfcfdf08a5ca249 2223208_2_pngfb5c81ed3a220004b71069645f112867 2223205_8_png602e8f042f463dc47ebfdf6a94ed5a6d 2223206_9_png7afbb1602613ec52b265d7a54ad27330

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