Photos: Twins Separated At Birth Reunite After 25 years. “How they found each other was remarkable”


gallery-1426628374-featured-mediumOne day, a friend of Anaïs Bordier asked her if she’d ever featured in a music video. She replied no. Then the friend told her he saw someone who looked exactly like her in the music video of Youtube star KevJumba titled ‘High School Virgin’. This was back in December 2012. He then sent a screen shot from the video to Anaïs. Anaïs couldn’t believe what she was seeing, the person in the video looked identical to her.

Curious about the lady, Anaïs Googled her and discovered that in addition to having the same face, they had the same date of birth, the same place of birth (Seoul), and they had both been adopted. The girls name was Samantha Futerman. Anaïs then reached out to her via Facebook and after speaking via Skype for three hours, the ladies discovered they were twins, separated at birth!

Anaïs, who had been raised in Paris and was attending fashion school in London, and Samantha, who grew up in New Jersey and was pursuing her acting career in L.A., realized their story was the stuff of movies, and decided to film it as it unfolded, resulting in the premiere of their documentary Twinsters at SXSW film festival two years later. spoke to Samantha and Anaïs, who currently live in L.A. and Paris, respectively, at the festival to talk about that fateful Facebook message, fitting into each other’s lives, and staying positive throughout. Read below….

 It seemed like you fell into each other’s lives very naturally. Your first conversation was three hours long and after a point, you were having dinner together over Skype. Did that happen immediately or was there any moment, maybe at the beginning, where you were like, “What is going on?”
Samantha: No. We were immediately comfortable with each other. At that time, the two of us were the only ones that were going through this, so we found comfort, I think, in talking about it. Immediately, we were just comfortable with each other. And it never really went away. She’ll text me and be like, “I want to drink my tea but it’s too hot,” you know? Just random things about the day to feel like we’re connected.


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