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Photos & Video: How Safari Visitors Were left terrified after inquisitive giraffes stick their head in car window

Safari trips are for watching animals and luxuriating in nature’s beauty but a group of Danish safari goers became the center of interest after a group of hungry giraffes zeroed in on them at the Aloha Safari Park in North Carolina.

The friendly animals poked their head into the group’s tour bus and focused their attention on a woman on a woman and her carrots which they were eager to sample. but the woman isn’t thrilled with the invasion of personal space.
She yells as two giraffes approach her from both sides, laughing with fright as she cowers.

She eventually gets the message and places the carrot away from her, the move works and she’s left alone as the animals tuck into the munchy treat.
But one exceptionally amicable animal just can’t seem to leave her alone though and once again pokes it’s neck in, curving it round to face her.

More photos below:

Watch the video below…

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