PHOTOS: World Cup 2014 Opening Match Between Brazil 3-1 Croatia


article-2656584-1EB735FA00000578-472_634x431A tournament that needed a Brazilian win, got one. It also got an outrageously poor penalty award, to the hosts, an equally soft disallowed goal, for their opponents and a dubious decision that kept the poster boy of the tournament and scorer of two Brazilian goals, Neymar, on the field when he could easily have been sent off. The score at the time was 1-0 to Croatia. So, not a good night for referee Yuichi Nishimura of Japan who will feature in many conspiracy theorists most fevered speculations from here. He was almost certainly useless, not corrupt, but it is true that his three big errors were all to the benefit of one team. The price of his leniency was high for Croatia, though, for two minutes later Neymar equalised an earlier goal.

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