Photos: The World’s One & Only largest aircraft lands in Australia drawing thousands of spectators



The Antonov plane has been flying since 1988 but it was its maiden trip to Australia, shipping a power generator to Worsley Bunburry plant.

The plane was built in the 1980s by the Soviet Union’s Antonov Design Bureau, the An-225 is a one-of-a-kind aircraft measuring 84-metres long and with a wingspan of 88-metres although it is believed a second An-225 is currently being built in Russia. See More Photos below:13240660_1054251567957715_7542936779725698435_n 13245253_1054251651291040_5188636575902938270_n 13240091_1054251637957708_1116827291065672683_n 13233076_1054251634624375_5160807113840447446_n 13245275_1054251681291037_2038488517003266051_n 13244705_1054251684624370_7097236398986239697_n 13256344_1054251694624369_4893734974294222735_n 13239215_1054251724624366_8155646194412619212_n 13243864_1054251554624383_1248243351839031560_o

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