Photoshopped Mariah Carey Photo For Wonderland Magazine


mariah-2Mariah Carey’s unretouched photos. We know a lot of our adored celebrities are as normal as us humans but maybe we expect a tad too much from them. In this era of mind blowing photoshop and other ‘apps’ that gives picture perfect images, it is easy to be ‘deceived’ into believing our favourite celebs are as ‘perfect’ as they appear in photos (till we see them in real life!)

With imperfect skin turned bronzed, jawline ‘sharpened up’, limp hair infused with volume and more Mariah Carey ended up doing a perfect cover for Wonderland magazine , shot by Terry Richardson and we were stunned when the photoshopped images were recently released by Jezebel !It was a total make-over for the pop star

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