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Photos/Videos: The world’s first underwater band  

The world’s first underwater band plays while fully submerged in glass water tanks.The five-piece Danish band Between Music play custom-made instruments and don’t use any breathing apparatus, simply coming up for air during breaks in song.

A breathtaking video shows the group performing their underwater concert Aquasonic during rehearsal in Rotterdam. band member Robert Karlsson told Ruptly..

This idea started about ten years ago when Laila Skovmand, the composer, started to explore how to sing in a bowl of water, to see what the water surface does to her voice and then a couple of years later she tried actually singing totally submerged in a big tank and that was the start of it,”“When you are a singer they need to develop a special voice technic, they sing without bubbles coming out of their mouth.


Singer Laila Skovmand shows off her technique for underwater vocals, as she sings without letting air bubbles leave her mouth.

The other musicians play special instruments that won’t break apart underwater, including a crystallophone – an underwater cousin to the traditional guitar.

Vocalist Skovmand developed her unique technique for singing without creating air bubbles while experimenting with singing in a bowl of water.


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