Pierce Morgan writes in support of Mrs West says ‘The Snobs Can All kiss Kim Kardashian’s Butt’



Pierce Morgan writes in support of Mrs West says ‘The Snobs Can All kiss Kim Kardashian’s Butt’ , Kim K may have been criticized by half the world for posing completely nude for Paper magazine, but there’s someone who has her back and has written a piece to support her. British journalist, TV host and Editor-at-Large of MailOnline, Piers Morgan says all Kim ‘haters’ can kiss her ass because she has done nothing wrong. See what he wrote, which was first published on UK Daily Mail, below  The tweet crashed into my feed like a teasing tornado. ‘You can’t un-see this: Kim Kardashian shows off her famous backside,’ it read. For once, the tease more than lived up to its promise. As with Man landing on the Moon, Mandela walking free from his prison cell, and Derek Jeter’s winning hit in his last game at Yankee Stadium – it was a photograph that will be forever etched in the memory. I clicked on the link – how could any red-blooded male NOT click on that link? – and there she was, butt naked and balancing a champagne glass on same said butt, splashed across the front cover of PAPER magazine with the headline: ‘BREAK THE INTERNET, KIM KARDASHIAN’.

Which is exactly what she nearly did as the startled world scrambled to view, disseminate, debate and deliberate over the single most examined and infamous derriere in history. (A bold claim, but think about it and I’m right). Predictably, the abuse and ridicule began to pour in as fast as the gasps of shock, awe and admiration. Ms Kardashian-West was apparently a ‘slut’, a ‘terrible mom’, a ‘disgrace to the human race,’ ‘a dumb, trashy b***h’ etc.
Of course, she’s heard it all before, ever since that sex tape was leaked and propelled her into the kind of instant, gigantic cyberspace notoriety that can either crush a woman or make her so strong and impervious to criticism that she builds a $1 billion brand. Kim’s in the latter category and people hate her for it.
They resent her global fame, her immense wealth, her marriage to one of the world’s most brilliant music icons. Above all, they loathe her resolute refusal to bow to all the bitter venom that spews its way in her direction.  SEE MORE ONPAGE 2

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