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Pigeon Used To smuggle 14g of cocaine & 14g marijuana into ‪#‎LaReforma‬prison in Costa Rica Caught.

11880350_1109041339124862_6490761540786357201_n A homing pigeon smuggling 14g of cocaine and 14g marijuana into ‪#‎LaReforma ‬prison in Costa Rica was intercepted by police and taken into custody, reports TheTelegraph.

The bird, nicknamed ‪#‎Narcopaloma‬ or ‪#‎NarcoPigeon‬, was allegedly seen by a guard landing in the courtyard of the medium-security facility with a small zipped up pouch tied to its body.
Authorities believe that the pigeon may have been trained to act as a courier by an inmate at Le Reforma, which is Costa Rica’s biggest prison, according to Sky News.

NarcoPigeon was “arrested” and later taken to a zoo where it will remain caged.

The drugs reportedly had a street value of around $281.

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