Political Jokes Between Asiwaju Ahmed Bola Tinubu, General Buhari & Fayemi


10906117_335241179996798_4200260105564149724_nAsiwaju: Alarm don blow o. They just called me from INEC that our party would be disqualified if you refuse as usual, to submit your basic certificates. They said you did not submit any certificate in all your past attempts. Five-star Army General without basic education, where is your First School Leaving Certificate?

Fayemi: Asiwaju waiti jare. Don’t Go Ballistic yet o. Let us hear from the horse’s mouth o.

Tinubu: Dr. Fayemi, bobo yi olo primary school o.

Buhari: Walahi talahi, I do not have any. That is why am here to beg you to help me quench this scandal with ease like you quenched your chicago/toronto scandal. But you should know am not Ojukwu who joined military with Oxford University degree. During our time, education was not compulsory.

Fayemi: Ha ha ha. Two halfwits. Awon Olodo Meji. Like Toronto like Military. Birds of the same feather flock together. What am I even doing in their midst?

Asiwaju: You should have told us that in the military, primary education is not compulsory.

Buhari: Are you saying I must have FSLC to know how to handle AK-47and pull the trigger? I am a combatant and I can destroy the enemies with or without primary school education. For example, those our boys in Sambissa, the Bokos (I do not want Fayemi to hear), do you think they have primary education? Are they not performing better than a PhD?

Tinubu: You are deviating. To start with, the Sambissa issue is a top secret between me and you. Let us not go there in public. How do we solve this problem? Should we bring in Oby Ezekwesili and that hungry boy, Dino, to make some noise again.  


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