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Popular Boxer Floyd Mayweather Seen At Donald Trump Rally, Fists Out, Wearing Muslim Headscarf

Floyd-Mayweather-Trump-Rally-800x0-c-defaultOn Wednesday, Floyd Mayweather attended a rally for Donald Trump in Youngstown, Ohio wearing a type of headscarf usually worn by Muslim women. Mayweather canvassed the crowd, fists out, daring anyone to take him on.

“I’m just a little Muslim lady. Anybody wanna try to punch a Muslim?†asked Mayweather. When no response came, he tried again. “I said, ANYBODY WANNA TRY TO PUNCH A MUSLIM?! COME ON, TAKE A SHOT! MONEY’S READY!â€

Mayweather then wandered through the crowd at the Winner Aviation building, looking people in the eye and asking softly, “You got a problem with a tiny, little Muslim lady?†A Trump supporter wearing a cowboy hat and wraparound sunglasses approached Mayweather, then abruptly turned around after a five second stare down.

Mayweather made his way to the exit forty-five minutes later as the crowd stared at him silently. He then ripped off his head scarf and yelled, “I thought so!!†as he stormed out the door with his twelve-person entourage.