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Powerful testimony: How 8 ½ years pregnancy was later delivered


Woman Narrates “How 8 ½ years pregnancy was later delivered The Lord’s Chosen”

I wedded in the year 2002 and one month after my wedding, I conceived. Naturally, I was very happy and the pregnancy continued to develop. By the sixth month, events took a dramatic turn after my mother in-law invited an herbal woman to come and check me and monitor the progress of the pregnancy. After that, my mother in-law sat me down and began to make incantations while dancing round me and declaring that she would run naked in the market square any time I put to bed. Then she used a black rope to tie up my womb. When I reminded her of what she said pertaining to running naked if I should deliver my baby safely, she claimed that she meant that joy would overtake her to the point that she could run naked without even minding it. In short, she claimed that the pronouncement was made out of joy. Somehow, I believed her thinking that her words were true and borne out of genuine intention.13627246_578920465609304_1422123343178065402_n

Baby Miracle:
After this experience in the hands of my mother in-law, the movement of the baby in my womb ceased. However, when I went to the hospital for checks, the doctor kept assuring that the baby was still there. Yet, the baby did not seem to be developing further. Each time I complained about my predicament, my mother in-law would draw my attention to other couples in our village who were yet unable to bear children sometimes for upward of ten years. She urged me to draw hope from their experiences and remain patient. I thought that she was genuinely concerned about my situation, not really being sure about what she had done.

By 2008 when it had become obvious what my mother in-law did, my husband went round complaining to people. But suddenly, his mother manipulated him and he turned against me and divorced me. He alleged that I was deceiving him into believing that I was pregnant, while the contrary was the case.

However, when I began to attend The Lord’s Chosen, God started a good work in my life. During the programme titled, “GOD OF MIRACLES” held in Lagos, the God of Chosen visited me. It was after the programme that I returned to Port-Harcourt and received a phone call that my mother in-law had died. Immediately I dropped the call, I heard the sound like something broke off from my waist and immediately, my baby began to move seriously.

On the 15th of June, my pastor called and sent some sisters who conveyed me to the hospital. At the hospital, the doctor to my amazement declared that I was under labour. I doubted him. I was wondering how I could be under labour for a child that had been in my womb since eight years and half and never shown further signs of development after the first six months. But then, the baby had continued its development unknown to me after the God of Chosen waded into the matter. Just as I was still pondering over the possibility of labour and yet writhing in pains occasioned by my baby’s movements, the doctor alerted me that the head of my baby was almost out and demanded that I pushed. This time, I obliged and pushed. Lo and behold, my baby came forth. It was unbelievable, but yet true. Yes, my baby came forth. I became the cynosure of all eyes. I became the mother of Miracle after a grueling encounter with the devil for whole eight and half years. I continue to wonder if there is any other woman who had passed through this kind of experience, but the truth is that the God of Chosen fought for me and saw me through.

Today, my name has become Mama Miracle Delight. It is a thing of joy. I am so happy. And just last month, my husband reconciled with me. What a mighty God we serve!

Praise the Lord!
Sis. Jacintha Chinagorom Chosen

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