President Idris Deby Itno of Chad Tells Boko Haram Leader ”Shekau” to surrender or he will be killed


11021083_691721360938450_7846361194225558986_nPresident Idris Deby Itno of Chad is telling Shekau to surrender or he will be killed.  A general who is the father of a general who has seen many battles, Deby has his clout and that is why president Goodluck Jonathan had to go pay his obeisance to him in Ndjamena.! Where is Modu Sheriff? Whew! Deby says they saw Shekau in Dikwa, a village in Borno State two days ago that he knows where he is and he will be killed if he does not surrender. Well, if it is the record of killing and fighting and winning wars. Shekau should be very worried now because Deby does not send nobody, his own son is sending Islamists to Hell in Mali. When it comes to fighting and killing people, Shekau will see Deby and say ‘Daddy, rankayadede’.

All hail the President of Chad, the 7th poorest nation on earth helping Africa’s biggest economy to secure its own territory. Hundreds of Chadian soldiers have died fighting Boko Haram inside Nigeria so please and please, those Nigerians who believe their country is the center of the world, the next time you talk of Chad, address them with some respect, they are dying to save our nation while some of our own soldiers were running from fight, Chadian soldiers chase Boko Haram fighters and escort them to the very gates of Hell. Chadians may be poor but definitely not in common sense.


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