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President Muhammadu Buhari official photographer, Bayo Omoboriowo celebrates 1 year wedding anniversary  


The official photographer of president Muhammadu Buhari,Bayo Omoboriowo has been married for a year .He gushed over his wife and how patient she is even though he is never home..He wrote

Thank you Jesus for your faithfulness, thank you for all the great things you have done for us. You have showed us that with you we can break down walls and do the impossible. Thank you for everything you did and didn’t do in this one year, for we know that all things work together for our good.
With loads of love I want to say thank you to the amazing gift God gave to me, my special woman, my priceless jewel, my number one fan, my supporter and forever friend. Thank you for being there through this one year….. Thanks for your patience as we journey through this road called marriage…… I can’t say it’s been a child’s play but one thing I know is that God has been there for us and your good heart as kept us going. I know I misbehave a lot of times yet you love me, I know my absence atimes gets at you yet you welcome me back with a warm embrace, your passion to succeed is one thing that delights my heart. Words fail me but I promise to love you far more than ever before…… God bless this Union and happy 1 year anniversary to us. Let’s do more!


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