Professor Wole Soyinka Endorses Goodluck Jonathan For 2015 Elections


10888668_10153266672663488_1694153731393104531_nProfessor Wole Soyinka Endorses Goodluck Jonathan

These are his words:

“There is something significant about Mr. President.

He is the first president without any ties to the military mafia. All his children are in schools here in Nigeria. You cannot come across a skyscraper in any corner of Nigeria and people will tell you it belongs to him; even a seven storey building.

I strongly believe that GEJ is a phenomenal change from before and if we cannot find a better, young alternative, then we must remain with him until we can groom someone better.

This is no time to go back to the military mafia and go back to our vomit”

Prof. Wole Soyinka.

Culled from Team PDP on Facebook.

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