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Meet The Delectable model and Nollywood actress Angel Amaka Obeta

angelllDelectable Angel Amaka Obeta is a model and an actress. This Nollywood big babe who studied Business Administration at Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka is one of the happily married actresses who has the support of her husband in what she does as an actrress. And she blends her acting career with her home front without one suffering for attention.angel

In this interview with ADAEZE AMOS, she talked about life as an actress and many more.


Can we take a peep into your world?

Oh sure, why not? I’m simple and uncomplicated in nature, humble and easy going, God-fearing, and very disciplined. I’m driven and goal oriented.

What did you study and from which university did you graduate from?

I graduated from Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka (Unizik) where I studied Business Administration.

How was growing up and what do you remember about your childhood with great nostalgia?

Growing up was fun. I was shielded by my parents. I remember when my mum asked me to give her sugar and I gave her salt. That was very funny and I still remember it till date.

What thrills you about what you do as an actress?

What thrills me about being an actress is the ability to blend into any character and bring it to light while being very believable.

What is the craziest thing a male fan has ever done to you?

(laughs) A guy posted my pictures on facebook addressing me as his fiancée.

What’s the very lesson life has taught you as an actress?

Life in fact has taught me that anything can happen at any time.

Your life philosophy?

My life philosophy is that love is the only thing you can’t go wrong in because love changes the world.

When you are down, what do you do to be inspired?

When I’m down, I listen to music, visit the beach and just sit admire the waves of ocean. Nature has a way of healing me.

Can you mention some of the movies you have starred in?

I have starred in many movies such as Airline Babes, Ebube, The Hustlers, Ten CommandmentsOf Devil, Diary Of a Hood which is currently showing on Wazobia TV every Friday and Sunday.0981078b-6875-4d7b-9d67-0d8fddb8d3a6

Regrets about what you do as an actress?

No regrets at all. None whatsoever. Reason is that when you living your passion, everything comes naturally. No struggles, no hassles, no regrets.

Out of all the roles you have interpreted and movies you have featured in which of them brought you to the limelight?

Oh that was the role I played in a movie titled Ebube. Oh sure, Ebube brought to the limelight. Reason is that I interpreted it so well that even fans applauded. Then another movie titled The Ten Commandments of the Devil was very challenging really. I played the role of a witch in that movie.

Which actor would you like to be paired with to be able to deliver well in romance movies?

Ramseh Nouah of course. Another actor I wouldn’t mind is Daniel K Daniel and mike Ezuruonye.

Let’s talk a little about fashion. Can you define your style/dress sense?

My dress sense is simple yet sophisticated with a touch of class.

Fashion covers flaws and flaunts good sides/hot sides. What are some hot sides of yours you can flaunt proudly?

Fashion covers flaws, yes! But I don’t think I have hot sides to flaunt. On a second thought, I consider every part of me beautiful. Fashion just helps to magnify what is already there.

Who is the very guy rocking the love boat of your life?

My husband is the guy rocking the love boat of my life. He is amazing and considerate.

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