Biography/Profile & Interview with Nollywood Actor “Seun Akindele’


Seun-AkindeleSeun Akindele is gradually making a mark in the movie industry. Having won the Most Promising Actor award at the Golden Icons Academy Movie Awards (GIAMA) held in the United States last year, the Lagos State University gradu­ate is fast setting a pace for other up coming actors. In this interview: Seun Akindele talks about his career and dreams. Seun Akindele is an actor and a native of Ekiti State. A graduate of History and International Relations, from Lagos State University.He is the last child in a family of nine children. He won the award for the Most Promising Actor at the Golden Icons Academy Movie Awards held in Houston, Texas last October. His advise to fans is to “Stick to God, believe in yourself, find your place in life, know what you want to do, and pursue it doggedly with the help of God, and hard work”.


You won an award as the most promis­ing actor, what would you attribute it to?

I won the Most Promising Actor at the Golden Icon Academic Movie Awards, which held in Houston, Texas last year. I was overwhelmed and I flopped when I was giving the speech. I kind of prepared but I just have to give thanks to God, I knew how much I put into that movie ‘On Bended Knees’ produced by Chioma Chukwuka Akpotha and directed by Lancelot Imasuen. I was short of words; words eluded me because it was overwhelming

Can you give us an insight to your back­ground?

I am an actor from Ekiti State. I had my primary school in Lagos after which I moved to Jos where I attended Air Force Military School. Then, I came back to Lagos where I studied His­tory and International Relations at Lagos State University. My formative years were in second­ary school, so I will say that I grew up in the north, Jos precisely.

You’re not one of those who would raise controversy to gain recognition but all of a sudden, you are a big star, what is the secret?

There are a lot of things involved; first and foremost is God, who has been my driving force. When I wake up every morning, I go to Him and in the night before I sleep I call on Him. I make sure that I put God first in everything I do and with that I have a solid platform, coupled with hard work of which I believe in, and I definitely love my job. I am doing this out of love for the job and because I really want to get somewhere in life. job and because I really want


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