Profile/Biography Of Nollywood Actress Shan George


shan geroge George Was Born April 21st, in Ediba, Abi Local Government area of Cross River State, Nigeria. Shan George, unarguably is the most prolific actress in the Nigerian movie industry, with hit movies like Made in Heaven, Outcast, General’s wife, Wrong Number, my sweat, London Forever and her latest  movieSuper Zebraman. Shan has proven with no doubt that she is a complete actress, one with a rare quality to interpret any role. Known as the most daring actress in the movie industry.

Shan makes no apologies for her guts, and why should she anyway? God and guts got her to her present height.Shan was introduced to the movie world by her friend and still close associate Blessing Eremi. In 1997 Shan starred in her first movie titled Thorns of Rose. Although it  did little to increase her standard of living, it most certainly introduced her to the heart of movie lovers who found her most adorable. After two years in the movie industry SHAN produced her first hit movie- All For Winnie. If anyone had tagged her beautiful before, they now also tagged her brainy All For Winnie was a huge statement, one that the movie industry was quick to grasp, “Shan is here to stay”.Shan-George-1-stargist

Almost a decade after Shan has written and produced several movies. Amongst which are A SECOND TIME, GRAND MOTHER, TRAVAILS OF FATE, PASSIONATE CRIME, e.t.c. SHAN has literarily conquered the movie industry, and little wonder, she has surprised the entertainment industry, with the slated release of her debut music album titled NKENKENE.

NKENKENE is already receiving accolades from music critics, and was released in February 2008, with hit track NKENKENE, ADA, OGOGO e.t.c. there is no doubt that SHAN is set to do to the music industry what she did to the movie industry. The most remarkable thing about the seven track album is that, it was not what her fans and critics expected. Her songs are all in her native bahumono language and that has really gone down well with critics who think that the music industry is fast losing its originality to western tunes.



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