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Brief Profile/Biography/History Of Jenifa Diary Actress “Omotunde Adebowale David” Aka “Adaku” (LOLO1)

11154858_899564730105895_3170669448255533874_oOmotunde Adebowale David (LOLO1) is a Multiple Award Winning on-air Personality on 95.1 Wazobia FM, TV Personality for Wazobia TV, a lawyer by training, Celebrity Compere, Professional Standup Comedian, Actor, Musician, Public/Motivational Speaker and Event Consultant clocks another year today and celebrate her birthday with fans.

In the Jenifa Diary TV Series “Adaku” who’s popularly known as Lolo 1, is an OAP, comedienne, 10904419_899564883439213_6110334799439890129_o

LOLO1 stated that she took the pictures to create a unique style in her looks and fashion style. 3903142_naija2_jpega927cfcaee9743db8c86bc277a719ed4Omotunde is a graduate of law from the Lagos State University, with a natural flair and love for communication. An On-air personality and a News reader for CoolFM & WazobiaFM.10904419_899564883439213_6110334799439890129_o

She says: I am a humorous, social and an extremely extroverted personality who loves to entertain. I love to have fun and do fun things; I love to read and am also an incurable romantic. My philosophy in life is that life is an endless circle, everything always comes around, so I love to do to others what I would love done to me. Besides all, I am an energetic and eclectic lady. Omotunde Adebowale-David11187340_899564813439220_2590467555023689437_o

Her Manager Emmanuel (BLACKLINKS) stated that Omotunde Adebowale David aka LOLO1 of Wazobia FM is set for works and projects as she plan her events for this year  [Oga Madam Live in London with LOLO1 – Season 3, Oga Madam Live on Stage with LOLO1 – Season 4, I-BOND with LOLO1 (Family Related Program] and also community projects with schools and women on development and motivational seminars.10658624_899564930105875_410383191125048867_o

Excerpts From An Interview She sometime Had below:

Celebrity On Air Personality, Omotunde Adebowale-David popularly known as Lolo 1 of Wazobia FM thrills listeners with her lovely voice every now and then. The ebony hued and vivacious comedienne speaks about her career, marriage and other issues in this interview with ORUKPE NELSON

Why do you call yourself Lolo 1 when you are not an Igbo?

Well, I just know that Nigeria is one and there is unity in everything. I am a Yoruba girl, so why can’t I have a little Igbo part of me? So, I am just being a Nigerian.

How do people react when you introduce yourself as Omotunde akaLolo 1?

That’s what really sells and stands me out. People are shocked, they say this is Loloand she is Yoruba, I will like to know this woman. So, it is always a good thing.

What are the challenges of being an On-Air-Personality?

It is not easy. It is even harder now that we have started Wazobia Television. I have to wake up as early as 4am. I think everything is about discipline and what you want to achieve in life. If you really know that this is something you want to do, then, your body will just adjust to it.

There is a price for hard work and there is no price for it than hard work. I think I have been doing this job for like 11years but I have worked with Wazobia for six years.

What stands you out as an OAP?

I think I am an excessively humorous person. I am a very entertaining person, very in tune with counselling and people just gravitate towards it and it works with me perfectly.

How do you joggle roles as a wife, mother and a broadcaster?

I set priorities. There are priorities to everything. A woman cannot just be limited to one thing; we are multitasks naturally the way God has made us. The most important thing is to set your priorities and know how to run your home and you are fine.

How is your daily life like?

Once I wake up, I pray and take my bath. If I am by myself, I get into my work schedule and I am off to work. If I am at home, of course I wake up; attend to the kids and the day starts from there.

What informed the Oga Madam Live on Stage show?

Oga Madam Live on Stage is my comedy side where I do stand-up comedy, drama, skit and everything. Three years ago, I decided to start a stage comedy skit show to see if people will like it, and a lot of people like the show. So, we have been doing it three years running. I have done two in London, I am going to be doing the third edition in May in London and I am going to be doing the first edition in America soon. Next year, I am going to be doing a tour with Oga Madam live on stage.

What makes you proud to be a woman?

I love being a woman because we are natural multi-taskers. God has given us the soft side of Him so that means we can feel more than the men can. As I am doing my job, I could be empathic, sympathetic, understanding and that is being beautiful as a woman.

What does it take to attract listeners to a radio programme?

There is nothing it takes than being yourself, original and creative. People want to listen to something they have never heard before. So, if you have regurgitated piece why would I listen to you if I have heard it somewhere else?

Sometimes OAPs call each other derogatory names while on air. Is it a strategy to attract listeners to their programme?

Everybody has their own style of what they do. Some On-Air-Personalities thrive on arguments and listeners like it. Some are very sarcastic and listeners like it. Some are very strong and listeners like it. Some are very humorous and listeners like it. Some are very intelligent and listeners like it.

What has life taught you?

Life has taught me that it is an endless circle. What goes round always comes around.

What excites you about life?

Life makes me happy. People make me happy. Every time I see the difference that there is in every individual’s face, I am just amazed at how people could be so different and yet we are still humans.

How do you relax?

I read books a lot. I like Christian romance a lot. I like thrillers and I also like to watch series. I dance, I sing and I am at home with water.

You have lost some weight. What is the secret?

I have started to exercise. Everybody that knows me, know that I have dropped tones of weight. And I think it is good to have a healthy lifestyle. I don’t diet but I live a healthy lifestyle. I make better health choices.

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