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Linc Edochie is one of the children of veteran Nollywood actor, Pete Edochie and a brother to actor Yul EDOCHIE. He is an actor, writer, director and a husband.l

In an interview session with him on air, he talked about career and himself.


I am Linc, one of Pete Edochie’s children comprising five boys and a girl.  I am a producer, a  film maker, an actor a producer and you know a producer  is like a supervisor, he is there to make sure the director is on line so the producer works in hand with the director .pete

can we address you as an entertainer?

I am not an entertainer because entertainment is really broad.

Many years ago in school in 1995,  someone walked up to me and said we are looking for someone exactly like you to fit into a drama role. Initially I was shy but as young as I was I had never been through a challenge and so I gave that challenge a trial. It wasn’t a fantastic one at that time but I believed there was room for improvement and with some subsequent opportunities I pushed on combining it with education, my father was strict and wanted us to acquire education first.

Linc with OAP'S

How influential was your father to your choice of career?

My father did influence my career choice. We had a movie to work on a certain time and the character was for a younger version of him and he didn’t fit in so I emerged. I remember he said : If you are going to be a younger version of  Igwe though you are a skinny version of me, remember the things I taught you and don’t let me down. I studied fine and applied art but we were raised  with a movie culture, father will make us watch  movies especially the ones with positive massages, he would give us roles from the film and make us  tell him what we learnt. by the time we grew much older, we saw some more detailed things and the need to perfect the art, and we had to constantly work on it.  he had set some lofty standards.


linc and Sarah( REPORTER)



What are the values you learnt from him?

He is someone that can account for everything in his house because he laboured to get them.  My father is a man of integrity and we have imbibed many values from him.  He is a man of honour. We all emulate his great ideals.p ed1

How many movies have you acted in?

Hmmn… there are lots of them I have lost count but a few are “my wicked uncle”, “one life”, “tears of sacrifices” and many more.


Click below to watch a clip of the studio interview.

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