We will continue to outdo our past in 2014. We are going to demonstrate the glory of God in our lives. The little one shall become a thousand. Our message and our lives are springing forth from Isaiah 60:1 to the end. Read and see what God has said concerning us; that’s where we are living in right now, and we’re moving with it into 2014. And He has sent us as lights into nations of the world. If you thought that God has done great things in your life before now, hear what the Lord is saying- I will do a new thing and by the mighty hand of God you will see miraculous interventions of the Spirit in your life and in your affairs. Tell my children “I want to do them good. Tell them “it is my joy to do them good, even in simple matters of life”. Everything you don’t want will stop, and everything you want will flow. We are moving into another year. Money will hear your voice. For the world is coming to a climax of a confused state. SEE MORE AFTER CUT>>>

The world is coming to a season of fear, doubt and unbelief. But God is saying, I have raised my children with my Word. Because the financial systems of the world will go into chaos. For those that do know their God, they shall be strong and do exploits.

As we journey into this coming year, fear not to
give God your tithe, firstfruit, offering. . .it is
your security. For the powers of the world shall be shaken saith the Lord, and there shall be great fear. And many that were high shall be brought low, and they shall wonder and say, “how did this happen”?

Many shall wonder and say How did this
happen? But your light is come, and the glory of God is risen upon you. When men shall say where is help? You shall say “I am help”.
When men shall say where is God? You shall say “He sent me to you”.

For there shall be great fear and great confusion all around the world. But my glory shall be seen all around my children.
For their light shall shine brightly, and ever
more brightly, saith the Lord. I have anointed you. Do not fear that which you shall see, for I have empowered you. No evil shall befall you.
My hand is mighty upon you. Your blessing came to remain. It will stay with you.
For your future is secured, saith the Lord.

He shall be seen in you. Your light shall shine brighter. I have empowered you.
You are secured in me, saith the Lord.
For you are founded in me, saith the Lord.
You are founded on the rock, saith the Lord.
And you are unshakeable.

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