Provost: Nigerians should be ready to pay for quality education


sijubomi-olusanyaTHE current general agitation for low tuition in Nigeria’s tertiary institutions is unsustainable if the country desires to attain the type of high quality education development obtainable in developed nations of the world. In an interview the Provost of the Federal College of Education (Technical), Akoka, Yaba, Lagos, Dr. Sijubomi Olusanya, said “quality education in higher institution is very expensive. If we are serious and we want quality, we have to spend money.” And this, he noted, should not be left to government alone.“Government alone cannot fund education; especially tertiary education. Here, we are depending 100 per cent on government; and we are not just facing reality. “Why people are justifying that is because they believe government can afford it because of the wastages, the corruption; that all this money they are stealing, why can’t they put it in education? That’s why they are justifying that tertiary education should be free. “But we should face reality. We are not as rich as America, yet there is nothing like free tertiary education in America. They have free primary and free secondary (education) – that is the right of the citizens. After high school, you pay. “They even tax textbooks in higher institutions more than the tax they put on clothing! In the state I studied, you pay more tax on your books than the tax you pay on your clothes!” He said.

He urged corporate organizations to help fund education by helping to build infrastructure, provide equipment and promote scholarship by giving students bonds to pay their fees, which they will pay back after they have finished their studies and have secured jobs.

The African Development Bank, he noted, currently gives N100,000 scholarship to students of the FCE who score a minimum GPA (Grade Point Aggregate) of 4.0.   SEE MORE ON PAGE2

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