Quincy Herbal Slimmers CEO: Quincy Ayodele Says My husband and I are inseparable”


Quincy Herbal Slimmers CEO Quincy Ayodele has been married to her husband John Ayodele for almost 30 years and they have three children together. Speaking about what has kept them so happy all these years, Quincy said its because she married the right man…”God made me marry the right man. That’s the secret to keeping a marriage. Marrying the right man for you. I married my friend, my brother, my hero, my supporter, my prayer partner, my biggest supporter, my best friend. We are always together, we are inseparable. He’s quite supportive of everything I do and of our children. To avoid marriage break up, ask God to show you your own husband/wife and make sure you have that love for the person you intend to marry because it’s only love and enablement to be able to carry through because marriage is a journey.” She told Encomium magazine.

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