Revealed: Robin Williams had ‘Serious Money troubles’ after $30m divorce




Revealed: Robin Williams had ‘Serious Money troubles’ after $30m divorce, We have all been wondering why a rich, successful ,loved superstar and legend would take his own life. New reports have revealed things were not as rosy as it seemed for the 63 year old..Police confirmed this afternoon that Williams died by hanging. His wife Susan Schneider last saw him when she went to bed at 10pm Sunday. He went to a different bedroom and she believed he was still asleep when she left the house the next morning about 10.30am. An assistant, worried when he couldn’t be roused at 11.45am, and broke into the bedroom. The assistant called 911 at 11:55am, emergency personnel arrived at noon, and at 12:02 he was pronounced dead. In addition to hanging himself, he had superficial cuts on his body and police found a pocketknife with what appeared to be dried blood nearby. Toxicology reports are pending and will take two to six weeks.


He had ‘Serious money trouble’ after $30million divorce bills, a stint in rehab just weeks ago – and ‘depressed’ his TV show was axed in May.
His publicist also revealed Williams had been ‘battling severe depression of late.’


The star also admitted that he was troubled by his finances. He was reportedly forced to pay $30million during his 2008 divorce from his second wife Marsha Garces, the film producer who is mother to his first two children, and first wife Valerie Velardi.

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