Ritualist Woman Burn’t Alive


10426659_10152785260396111_5246942853904064845_nA woman was taking her 3 kids to school, On her way at the bus-stop she met this old lady who told the woman to give her children to her. She gave her kids to this lady without asking any questions.(the old lady used charm on her) After
few minutes, she came back to her senses and started shouting.,people gathered around her and asked what happened.She explained to them what has happened and some Commercial okada riders went after this old lady. Fortunately, they caught up with the old lady & the children, They asked where she got the kids from. she couldn’t give a straight answer so they brought her and the kids back to were the incident had happened. The mother of the kids confirmed
her to be the old lady that took her kids from her. They beat up the old lady mercilessly as People gathered to watch. She was later burnt alive by angry mob before the police could intervene as u can see in the picture above. There are lots of them out there looking for those to use for their rituals.

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