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Rwanda Is The Happiest African Country, Sudan is Least Happy: See Full List of Happiest Countries in The World

11088614_842996159083258_2544386952315683743_o-1 Most people around the world get depressed by many things including, bad economic times, bad politics, insecurity, corruption  and so many other things just to mention a few that give them a negative attitude towards life.

But not everyone finds life that depressing.  People who live in Latin America are said to be happiest on the continent despite their economic challenges, this is according to a study conducted by Gallup For the first time in a decade, the research firm reported that every one of the top 10 countries on its Positive Experience Index are from Latin America. At the top was Paraguay, which received a top score of 89, followed by Colombia, Ecuador and Guatemala, which all tied at 84. Those scores were compiled from five questions Gallup asked adults in 143 countries.

On the entire African continent, Kenyans are the second happiest people after Rwanda, according to the study. Worldwide, Kenya ranks at position 33 on the Gallup Happiness Index 2014. Rwanda, at number 15 out of 143 countries, is the happiest country in Africa. The results were released on Friday to coincide with the United Nations’ third annual International Day of Happiness on March 20, 2015

The results, which covered about 1,000 adults in each of the 143 countries, for the first time showed the richest people are not necessarily the happiest.11080672_842996155749925_3045860201061851405_o-1

In fact the top 10 happiest countries were all from Latin America, led by Paraguay, most of them relatively poor countries. The two countries with the worst happiness ratings were both in Africa, with Sudan scoring right below Tunisia, the site of a terrorist attack earlier this week.

The United States tied for 15th with a index score of 79, eight higher than the global mean of 71.

Highest positive emotions ion the world

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