Salt Therapy For Ebola Virus- Dangerous Rumor



Just go to pharmacy and buy hydrogen peroxide in a brown bottle. It will probably be in an aqueous 7% solution. Dilute with about 2 parts water what you pour out of the brown bottle, and put the diluted to 3% in a spray bottle. Use this on your hands, spray on door knobs etc, and take it with you to spray down any items you need to touch in the street or bring into your house. You can spray it on fruits and vegetables. It is a natural virus killer and works as well as bleach but will not harm your fabrics or body if diluted properly. It does not smell like bleach. You can spray on sheets and pillow case etc. Do NOT pour the undiluted peroxide on your hands as it will slightly burn and turn thenm white but it goes away. It can be used as a mouth wash. Spray it on your toilet and sink, expexially full strength, and be prepared to me amazed as the liquid starts foaming wherever it finds bacteria and germs. This can be used on floors, all surfaces and is very safe and non toxic. Cleanliness and hygiene is needed, always, just take extra care and spray down any items you must touch in public places and open doors etc with a towel or paper. Better to be safe.



I have received several calls and texts urging me to bath with salt and drink the water afterwards to prevent Ebola virus. I am not a medical personal or practical, however i am very certain that drinking salt or bathing with it can never prevent Ebola virus. Besides there’s no scientific research or orthodox evidence to proof that such method do prevent Ebola apart from the preventive measures we read on newspapers and heae on radio which includes avoiding contact with the patients, avoiding and so on. Me i no dey bath with any salt. from Kolonut to Salt nawa
Please stop this rumors about Ebola entering Abuja, Kaduna, Jos and other states. People should stay calm and avoid large gathering especially those in Lagos and adhere to medical tips on how to avoid the disease.

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