Samsung smart TVs send unencrypted voice recognition Data across Internet


Samsung smart TVs send unencrypted voice recognition data across internet, Samsung smart TVs are sending users’ voice searches and data over the internet unencrypted, allowing hackers and snoopers to listen in on their activity.

The revelation comes 10 days after Samsung found itself in the middle of a row over the “Orwellian” privacy policy for its smart TVs, after it was revealed that it was sending user voice data to third parties.

It was believed that the information was encrypted but now a security expert has found that data is vulnerable while in transit. Samsung had stated that it uses “industry-standard security safeguards and practices, including data encryption, to secure consumers’ personal information and prevent unauthorised collection or use”, in a blog post clarifying its privacy policy.

When a user carries out a voice search using a smart TV the audio is sent across the internet to a voice recognition service that interprets the speech and sends back the results in text.

In some Samsung models, neither the audio, nor the text returned, is being encrypted, meaning hackers or snoopers can clearly see the words and phrases that users speak to the TV. The television also sends other personal information about the TV and user in the unencrypted information.


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