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The Lord’s Chosen Charismatic Revival Church, with branches in most countries of the world within 13 years of her existence. The church is spreading like fire with incredibly noticeable miracles.

The name ‘Chosen’ made me searched the Bible to know where the name of the church was taken. Looking at 1 Peter 2v9, which says “But ye are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a peculiar people, that ye should shew forth the praises of him who hath called you out of darkness into his marvelous light”, This is a divine name, and not a conjured name where two or more names are put together to form one business name or the other whether spiritual, material or secular.

This is a divine name with all divine necessities that the hidden power of God in it and its manifestations are following the church in all her branches all over the world.

According to the church when a member of the church is faced with any danger, such member is expected to say “I am a chosen”, three times. Such member may ask the danger “who are you”? And the danger will clear, but if the danger refuses to disappear at this point, such member will further ask, “where is the God of my Pastor’s Power? At this point, God Himself will come down and the danger will bow immediately.

There are testimonies to confirm the authenticity of the slogan – a spiritual belief or idea depicting that no chosen member can be touched physically evilly. Many chosen members had in one time or the other disarmed armed robbers and handed them over to the police. We have heard testimonies where fire destroyed houses built so close to each other and the fire did no touch the house of a chosen member in the midst of such houses destroyed.

The question that may be agitating your mind may be “what kind of power is the church manifesting? It is “Holy Ghost power” and nothing more. if you want to confirm all you have read in this article, just worship with The Lord’s Chosen on any of their meeting days, and then you will be able to conclude that there is still a church manifesting the power of God “as of old”.

The Israelites( the chosen people of God) experienced incredible power and miracles of God in the land of Egypt, God was with them through the wilderness and fought for them against their adversaries. This is to show that God usually manifest His power in the life of His beloved ones.

On any Sunday service, Tuesday revival hours and Thursday healing and deliverance hours including other meeting days the church reminds her congregation of her “three-fold vision and mandate and the need to avoid sins and repent of those committed.

The church does not give room for worldly appearance, conversation, interaction, intimacy or unnecessary unholy familiarity,. In fact, there is no room for anything that will not allow the power of God to manifest in fullest. For instant miracles the church experiences daily, I will say the church always labours hard enough for daily instant miracles, signs and wonders. To buttress, my point, I will briefly comment on some commitments attributed or probably formed an impetus to instant miracles in The Lord’s Chosen.

Such commitments, I describe as the secrets to instant miracles in the church include prayer, warfare praise and worship, Raw preaching/teaching of the word, faith, general commitment, evangelism and following-up, simplicity, chosen warfare dance, and etc…
I will pick these commitments and briefly, comment on them as much as the Grace is upon me.

Prayer:- The church prays more than any church I have heard or seen, Night vigil is virtually daily. The night vigil always lasts for six or seven hours. During night vigils, chairs are packed away. You have to stand for six or seven hours. During night vigils, praying and sweating seriously profusely.

The workers hold their night vigil three times a week. This is apart from department night vigils. By the time you put the night vigils together, you will find that night vigil is held daily in The Chosen.

Apart from night vigils, at every meeting there always serious healing and deliverance prayers with true manifestation of the power of God. Prayer is a serious spiritual business in The Chosen. I call it high level prayer.

According to the General Overseer of the church, God has given the ministry the mandate to win 10 billion souls for His Kingdom. The mandate, he pointed out, will run from generation to generation. And those who are joining the church at any point in time automatically are part of the mandate the very day they joined the church.

This mandate probably calls for aggressive evangelism going on in the church. The type of aggressive, evangelism/witnessing in the chosen is not happening in any of the churches around. I am not trying to boast or praise the church, but its just the truth.

Those in Evangelism department go on morning cry everyday. That is going out to preach the Gospel between 5am – 6;30am daily. They will close from night vigil and go straight for morning cry – preaching in every nooks and crannies of the town their church are situated.

Each time the Church has a crusade, the evangelist and the prayer warriors usually come together from all parts of the country 2 weeks before time to intercede, evangelise and create awareness of the crusade throughout the state where the crusade is being held.

It is equally high level evangelism with serious commitment to win souls and bring back backsliders to the kingdom of God. Evangelism is another serious spiritual business in the chosen. In fact the chosen are creating revival in other churches indirectly.

In fact, everybody in the chosen is mandated to win souls and bring back backsliders to the kingdom of God. It is a task that must be done. There is no dull moment in The Chosen. Everybody seems to be spiritually minded.

Raw or undiluted preaching/teaching:- The Chosen church preaches and teaches the Bible. I call the preaching/teaching “raw”. It is the Bible nothing but the Bible. No addition, no subtraction, no painting, no colouring. They do not preach or teach sociology, psychology and philosophy that are commonly preached in some of today’s churches.

The church preaches the truth nothing but the truth. The church centres her preaching/teaching on the preaching and teaching of Jesus Christ. Salvation is the key and pivot in which The Chosen preaching/teaching rests.

The Faith of chosen is very steady and firm. I describe it as “high faith”. The faith that receives from God. They do not wave in their faith. They believe and rest their faith on the word of God and what comes out from their pastor. It is a faith without second thought. As they believe, it happens just like that.

They exercise and apply faith of holiness, righteousness and purity of heart. A faith of trusting absolutely in God. A faith that is conscious of heaven. A faith that believes in the power of faith. It is true faith.

The Lord Chosen exercise a faith of patience and perseverance and God’s ability/capacity to do anything. A faith of access to God. A faith of heavenly reward. I repeat, no dull moment, no dull faith in chosen.

Stay blessed friends…

© Chukwuemeka Nelson

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