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Why Should Sen Ike Ekweremadu Wear IGBO Attire To Court?


Chidi Cali Writes:  I was stunned by the fuse from some Nigerians over Senator Ike Ekweremadu dressing in traditional flamboyant Igbo regalia to an Abuja court today.
They claimed that he choose that dress to wipe up ethnic sentiment and support from Igbos.

For crying out loud, Ekweremadu is an Igbo man. Do you guys expect him to dress like Hausa or Yoruba to be accepted in your small world of being seen as a Nationalistic Igbo man?
Ekweremadu love clouding himself in Igbo wears, just get use to this.
Leave Igbos alone and face your individual ethnic problems as we have moved beyond this irredeemable low Nigeria is striving now.

Thank God for #Briexit, a #Referendum will send some lazy booms where they belong.

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